How To Do Wedding Family Pictures Well

February 11, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

How To Do Wedding Family Pictures Well! They're Important!

There is a rhythm to weddings. As the day begins with the wedding party gathering to dress and get ready for the big moment, the momentum builds. The event builds to a crescendo as guests arrive, the bride walks down the aisle, the ceremony unfolds, and the magic moment occurs when the couple is announced husband and wife! Then the march out and all the well wishes, tears and joy of the moment occurs. And then…the couple has to rally the family for the photos. This is the time when things can go awry. However, family photos grow in importance over the years as cherished loved ones move on. Here’s what to do:

After all the drama, it’s sometimes a big letdown to have to get the family organized so that everyone gets photographed and there are no hurt feelings or missed photo opportunities. It’s one of the most important things to plan before the wedding so that it goes smoothly! Someone in the family can be appointed to organize the people for the photos so that the bride and groom can relax. A written plan made in advance can be given to the photographer and the appointed family organizer. Family photos can be great fun if done well which means well planned. Your family that has assembled to love and support a new married couple is important. Take the time to take all the photographs needed so that everyone ends up happy. Taking the time to organize it well before wedding day is time well spent!






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