How to Make the Best of Your Wedding Day Weather

February 17, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

How to Make the Best of Your Wedding Day Weather

Rain is a funny thing. It can be wonderfully romantic if you’re walking arm in arm with your lover under an umbrella. The same rain can be a great annoyance for someone rushing to work without one. Rain is one of a bride’s worst fears, especially if she has a sunny summer’s day wedding in her dreams. Inclement weather happens even with the best of planning and technology. Simply plan for it and make a conscious choice not to let it spoil your wedding day. Decide to find the romance in the rain!

To plan for rain make a step-by-step written plan for your dream wedding in two columns – one for perfect weather and one for imperfect. For example, if you’re taking wedding pictures outdoors on a bridge, visit the bridge in light rain and in heavy rain. Make sure that if the rain has stopped but the bridge is wet, it won’t be too slippery. You might want to have colorful umbrellas available if your heart is set on the bridge and you have no other worthy backup location. Whatever the setting, just plan for contingencies. If it rains on your wedding, don’t let it rain on your parade! Remember that the love of a couple getting married surrounded by the family and friends who love them will shine brightly regardless of the weather. The married life you have ahead of you is full of bright days and rainy ones, and together with the love of your life, you’ll make the best of them all.




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