What is the New Normal for Weddings in a Post Pandemic World?

March 04, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

What is the New Normal for Weddings in a Post Pandemic World?

As pandemic fears and cases subside, life is changing, but it will never be the same as before. People, especially the older generation, are more aware of their vulnerability. Weddings are traditionally a gathering of friends, family, and associates where physical proximity is a huge part of the experience. Hugs and kisses, dancing, and close conversations have always been normal at a wedding. As a bride or couple planning a wedding you may wonder “what is the new normal?” How do you plan the wedding of your dreams that accommodates the concerns and feelings of those you love?

First of all, accept the reality that there is a new normal and no one is quite sure what it is, because it’s evolving. Also accept the reality that even more than before, the generations see things differently, as do people with health challenges. If you want your family and friends to lavish love on you by being part of your wedding, think of them with empathy. What will make your grandparents, parents, and older attendees comfortable in regard to physical proximity? Ask them! Before you plan the seating for the ceremony or the reception, ask them how they feel about it, so there’s no uncomfortableness that day. A happy bride is an organized and informed bride – you don’t want to be scrambling on the day of the event to make people comfortable. When planning food and beverage, keep in mind that almost everyone is more conscious of the downside of shared food. No hands in the chips anymore.

Open-air events are more comfortable for everyone these days, and fortunately warmer days are coming. Sometimes a combination of church and outdoor reception works well if marrying inside a church is important. Don’t stress over planning your wedding, just think of others and plan, plan, plan!



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