How to Choose a Photographer to Tell Your Love Story

March 11, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

How to Choose a Photographer to Tell Your Love Story 

From the engagement to the wedding to the christening of children, to graduations, family gatherings, and milestone anniversaries, photos over time tell the story of a family. When the special occasions are photographed by the same photographer, the story in pictures has a dimension of quality and continuity that doesn’t happen in a mishmash of photos.  Over time, the photographer gets to know how to set up the photos so that the best attributes of each person appear. The best light, angles, and mood of the occasion can be more easily set up by a photographer who knows the subjects. That’s why famous painters, paint the same subject over and over. Da Vinci worked on the Mona Lisa for seven years!

If you’re engaged, looking forward to a long life, creating a family and your unique story, consider your initial photographer carefully. Does he or she have children? (Photographers take countless photos of their own children and become very good at capturing the spirit of kids). Are they able to create great photography indoors as well as outdoors? Will you look forward to working with the photographer over the years to create your story? Your engagement and wedding are the springboard for a wonderful life. Take good pictures!







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