How to Integrate Your Heritage Into Your Wedding

October 06, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

How to Integrate Your Heritage Into Your Wedding

Every couple who falls in love and decides to marry creates a new vision for their lives. When the “you and I” thinking transforms into the “we” thinking, fresh and exciting possibilities emerge. That’s why bridal showers, wedding showers, and gifts are part of the celebration. They help the couple to begin life anew. How then, to integrate one’s past, one’s culture, and one’s family traditions into a wedding and still keep it authentic to the desires of the couple?

Honoring your culture and your parents without letting them take over the vision of your wedding experience takes some careful consideration, especially if they’re paying for it. Before you begin, think deeply about what you love about your culture or traditions and get clear in your mind about the aspects you want to integrate into your wedding. Be sure you and your fiancé are in agreement, then respectfully but firmly work out the details with your family. There are ways to honor your past and unfold your future if you take the time to understand within yourselves what that means to you. Think before you plan!




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