Because of Love Life is a Wonder!

September 30, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Because of Love, Life is a Wonder!

Life is a wonder! Marriages that bring two families together to create a new family are the springboard for joy to come. The creation of families is why humanity, with all its disagreements and discontent, goes on and on. In a relationship where two people have fallen in love deeply enough that they are ready to wed, it seems that the relationship is all about them. However, when the time comes to tell others they’ve decided to wed, the announcement is a spark. It’s the alchemy that begins the creation of a new and greater family. As love grows for the two lovers it affects everyone.

Not always, but sometimes, children are the result of love and marriage. And they are the greatest wonder of it all. They are the reason that love never dies on our planet. Like the wonders of each season, children carry on the tradition of families. So if you’re planning a wedding, remember that after all the work is done and you are wed, it will all be worth it.



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