How to Create Ambience for a Small, Simple Wedding

November 08, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

How to Create Ambience for a Small, Simple Wedding

Some weddings are meant to be large and splendid; others - particularly second or third marriage ceremonies, are meant to be small and simple. That’s the beautiful thing about weddings…each couple can choose the experience they want to have when they wed. The important thing is to always give space in the wedding event for love to shine. Weddings are not meant to be fast-moving events. They are significant milestones in people’s lives where solemn moments, like looking into each other’s eyes during the vows, should be allowed ample time. Choosing the setting or venue for a small wedding is also important because it is part of the blend of elements that create the feeling of a wedding. Nature, such as the large weeping willow tree, next to a body of water, is an ideal setting. Big trees with their outstretched branches are like arms that nurture those beneath.



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