How to Honor the Grooms Feelings

November 18, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

How to Honor the Groom's Feelings

Because brides traditionally do a lot more of the wedding planning, on the wedding day, they’re not only brides, but event planners too. Brides cannot help but look around to make sure everything is the way they want it. Grooms are often part of the planning, but on the wedding day, they generally have more time to think. What do they think about? In interviewing grooms, we hear that in the back of their minds, they’re pondering what a very big deal this day is in the history of their lives. They’ve reached a milestone that puts them in a new league – that of husbands and possibly fathers – who have families of their own. The reality of the idea that it’s not just me anymore, sinks in. Grooms often feel not only an overwhelming love for their brides, but also a little bit of pride in themselves that they have come this far in life. Brides can shower their grooms with extra love on the wedding day by realizing that their beloveds might be secretly thinking very deep thoughts about their lives and future.



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