How to Include Your Family in Wedding Planning and Keep the Peace!

March 25, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

How to Include Your Family in Wedding Planning and Keep the Peace!

Many brides have firm ideas and long-time dreams about how they want their wedding day to be. Most welcome ideas from their friends and others in their generation. However, mothers and future mothers-in-law are often as excited about wedding planning as the bride. It brings back good memories and they want the bride to be as happy as they were. Remember this very important point: the wedding lasts one day; the relationships with your extended family, and particularly your mother-in-law will last a lifetime.

Be generous with your time in allowing other family members to suggest options and possibilities. Listen carefully and thank them for caring so much. Tell them every idea will be considered. Try to choose at least one idea from your mother and one from your mother-in-law to incorporate into the wedding day. How you handle your wedding planning, especially with your new in-laws will set the tone for the future. It’s one of the most overlooked aspects of planning. Everyone gets caught up in the excitement of that one magical day and forgets the thousands of days to come. For generations, people have married in order to create a new family to integrate into the joined families of the bride and groom. Wise brides and grooms consider family through the whole process, while still staying true to themselves. It’s a tricky process, but no less important than the rest of wedding planning.




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