How to Capture Genuine Emotion in Your Wedding Photos

April 01, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

How to Capture Emotion in Your Wedding Photos

Weddings are typically carefully planned and curated events. Brides want photos that capture the beautiful and often expensive dresses, flowers, decorations, and ambiance of the day. However, in years to come when couples look through their photos, they will look for emotion, those meaningful glances, tears, laughter, and joy of the day. Weddings are and should be emotional times for the participants and guests. A wedding is the sacred fusing of two families and the springboard for new generations of the family. They should be emotional. It’s difficult for a couple to understand this before the wedding, especially when they’re talking with their photographer. They get it afterward, almost immediately, having experienced the wide range of emotions a wedding creates within them. If a couple wants photos they will love, they need to not only allow, but encourage their photographer to focus on the emotional moments. These photos express emotion – the unspoken words of a father and son, the exhilaration of having finally gotten married, the softness of love between a bride and groom. May your wedding day be filled with emotion!




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