How to Add Sophistication to Your Wedding or Reception

May 26, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

How to Add Sophistication to Your Wedding or Reception

First impressions are everything, they say. It’s certainly true of weddings and receptions, whether they’re big or small. Guests arrive with the expectation that something very special is about to happen. The visual they experience upon arrival can have great impact if planned well. Natural light is always good (especially for people photos), but artificial light can be used to create an intriguing and emotionally satisfying scene. Using colored lights to create ambiance can also be easier on the budget.  Done well, lighting combined with floral arrangements will set the scene more economically than multiple floral pieces. Together, light, flowers, and artistic items will really wow the guests. And don’t forget sound! Appropriate music as guests arrive is a layer in the magic of an effective entrance.

If your budget or other circumstances lead you to having a small wedding when you really wanted a large one, use lighting to add a sophisticated, creative, and dazzling effect. Guests won’t remember the size of the wedding, but they'll remember how it made them feel.



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