How to Share Your Ideas and Dreams with Your Photographer

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How to Share Your Ideas & Dreams with Your Photographer

This sounds easy, doesn’t it? You just tell your photographer who and what you want photographs of on your wedding day. He or she makes note of it and you can check that off your to-do list. Easy deal, right? No, not really, because what you see in your mind’s eye and what the photographer thinks you see may be quite different. Also, before your wedding day, you are consumed with a list of things to get done, organize and arrange. What you feel on your wedding day, and what you ultimately experience will be very different from the planning.

Photographers are obviously visual people. They see photos everywhere, whether or not they have their cameras with them. The really good ones are also skilled at seeing the potential feeling that a photo can evoke in the viewer. Since you hire a photographer to capture the joy and feeling of your wedding day, take the time to have a conversation about how the wedding appears in your mind’s eye and how you want it to feel.  Do you see it as romantic - all about you and your beloved? Or, as a time for the two of you to bask in the love of family and friends? Or, do you see it as an event that you want to feel proud of? Do you feel strongly about tradition, or do you want a wedding that springs from your own creativity? What do you want? Share with your photographer, what you’re hoping to create in your life by holding the kind of wedding you hope to have. The more you and your photographer can create a shared vision, the better the resulting photography will be. This process may also help you to understand more clearly what it is you actually want in your wedding and in your life!




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