How to Prepare Your Wedding Hair for All Kinds of Weather!

June 17, 2022  •  1 Comment

How to Prepare Your Wedding Hair for All Kinds of Weather!

In the months before your wedding, you may be perusing wedding magazines or online sites dreaming of the upcoming event of your life. You’ll probably see lots of intricate hairstyles that you love and can even see yourself wearing. You want to look your most exquisite self on your wedding day, and you can…with planning. So remember when you’re sitting in a comfortable spot dreaming, that the actual day of the wedding could have weather that affects your hair. In seasons where humidity can be high, think about wearing your hair up if possible. Muggy days can make hair frizzy. Even if the event is all indoors, there will still be movement from cars or limos to indoor spaces.

Try to plan some versatility into your hairstyle early on, perhaps choosing a few different styles depending on the wedding day weather. Communicate them to your hair stylist or friend doing your hair. Also remember, that your professional hair stylist will want to create something that makes you look fabulous sitting in their salon chair, but it may not work if the weather is cranky. Stay in control of your wedding day hair destiny!

A wedding day is typically a LONG day! You’re up early to get ready, and dancing late into the night. Plan for it, so that your magnificent style at the wedding ceremony, isn’t totally shot by the end of the night. Some brides prefer to keep their hair simple and close to their everyday style. That can make the day a bit less stressful. But if you want a stunning, memorable style, go for it!  Just plan for the weather, and how you can fix it if it wilts.



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