Why Get Married?

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Why Get Married?

As wedding photographers, we meet many couples who have finally decided to tie the knot, after living together for some time. Most of us know, or know about, couples who live together and appear to have successful relationships. In general, society does not look down on couples who live together outside of marriage as it did in the olden days. Then why do people still get married by the thousands every year?

There are, of course, many financial and legal reasons to marry. Our national systems, taxes for example, generally favor married couples. Marriage makes life more secure for children in most cases. There are many religious people who marry to be more fully embraced by their communities. In short, there are numerous practical reasons to get married. However…from our observations, they are not why people marry.  Couples marry, for one overwhelming and primary reason. Love. They are simply in love. That’s it! Human beings fall in love and usually, there isn’t anything they can do about it. The heart overrides the brain and romantic love emerges.

That is why the concept of “falling in love” has never disappeared since the term was coined by a poet in the 1500’s. The reality of “falling in love” existed long before the poet. Once couples fall in love, they look at all of the practical reasons they should marry and that’s what they tell their families and friends. Although the couple is believed, in the back of their minds, family and friends know the truth.  The happy couple is simply head over heels in love and wants to create a new life together. Weddings are so beautiful because they are founded on love. 




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