How Photographers Capture the Unplanned Special Moments

May 06, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

How Photographers Capture the Unplanned Special Moments

It’s important for a betrothed couple to make a list of all the photos they want to be taken on their wedding day. Photographers need an idea of what and especially who should be photographed. Sometimes the dressing of the bride surrounded by her friends is a big deal; sometimes the groom wants photos with his buddies and prized car. Both want one of the most important days of their lives to be properly documented! Any good wedding photographer will do that. However, for photographers who are more romantic at heart and creative in mind, the unplanned photos will turn out to be the favorites.

It’s the glances, the tears, the tenseness, and the unexpected outpouring of joy that capture the life of a wedding. The creative photographer is always looking for them. One of the most important reasons to have a professional photographer is because he or she is constantly scanning the environment for shots; he’s not focused on the chain of events. When the audience is only looking forward at the ceremony, the photographer is looking everywhere for candid, emotional shots. Emotion is the currency of a wedding. A photographer who loves his work will zoom in on emotion in a hundred ways the marrying couple didn’t even consider. The result is often a triumph for both newlyweds and the photographer.



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